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10 minutes to session over

At the library using the computer (cause still problems with my computer). I am feeling disconnected. :( I feel sort of down. I am feeling also overwhemed with all the things that have to be done around the house. The basement needs to be fixed. Also need some roof repairs. I am starting to get a headache just thinking about it. I did have a strawberry shake earlier. That was yummy! Also it was officially spring yesterday. Oh my birthday was March 11th. It was a pretty good day for me. With Olive Gardens and few gifts. It was nice and low-key, how I like it.


Computer woes and stuff

I know I don't post much on here. I am not really posting much anywhere, but the local bjd forum I am on. I don't have Facebook or even a Twitter account. I kind of like to Twitter. Well, it has been a difficult year last year (under-statement). I hope it gets better (it isn't starting out well, but one can hope). Right now my computer isn't working yet again. Long story short. My computer died last summer. Motherboard went. Was without for a few months. And went to the library when I could. Now the backup computer (which a friend was kind of enough to offer us his old one) now is having problems. It is complicated. The computer never worked right from the start but I muddled through. There were problems here and there I was working around. Now finally a big problem. Video card problem so now I can only use safty mode with it otherwise it has no video. I need a new driver (easier said then done; otherwise I would have one by now, as I said it is complicated because of other problems with the computer and now I can not connect up properly.). Frankly, I need a new computer. But trying to find an affordable one and one that can play games is a bit difficult on my budget. I am no computer wiz so I can't built what I want or even replace a video card without help. Sighs. Anyhow, I am on the look out for a new one. Wish me luck!

p.s. I was re-reading my Xmas post wishes. They really put a smile on my face! *hugs*


Go Packers Go!

I guess you now all know who I am rooting for to win the Super Bowl! Weee! It can't get here soon enough! It has been a long two weeks!

p.s. Changed my journal colors to the green & gold. ^_^

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all!


Day one

Well, hello there! ^_^ *hugs*

After being away for so long it is hard to know what to say. Many things happened, but too much to say all at once so will be taking it one thing at a time.

So today is Sunday. It is kind of gloomy today. Hopped on WoW a little just to check my mail and then made some armor. Work is tomorrow, blah.

That I want to talk more about, but later. One thing I will say is that things are settling down, kind of. The last few months have been having many ups and down. One of them being my job. I was cut down to part-time. :/ Not good, but coping with unemployment insurance.

This Wednesday, my brother is going in for some day surgery. I am worried and hope everything goes well. I want to be there for support, but my work scheduled me...ugh! So going to see if I can switch days.

And that is all for now.

Oh and uploaded some new icons. Changed the layout with the easy one click layout thingy. It looks batty and red! *heh* And catching up with Bleach. And discovered Monster High! lols!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter All! ^__^


the day after

I have to go to work tomorrow (26th). :( *boo, hoo* I don't wanna go!


Christmas Elf (doll pic)

I snapped some photos of Quinn earlier this month. Now seemed the time to post one. My cute pouty elf boy. ^.^ In theory many B&G Sapphira tend to look pouty, but Quinn often times seems to be smiling to me. I think it is all in the angle you look at him. Yes, he is wearing a skirt. This is actually the first time I ever crossed-dressed one of my dolls. Some of them look girly enough..lol! But no, I usually don't. This is a first. This outfit was for Lily. I got it in a gift exchange long ago, but it didn't fit (it was too big). So it sat in a box for a long time. Recently, I decided I was going to sell it. So I squeezed Quinn in it, because he is my skinniest, smallest SD sized doll ( because I have no SD sized girls). He looked great in it, much to his horror. lol! Poor fellow. Oh, and I decided not to sell it. *ha, ha, ha*

Merry Christmas from my own Christmas elf!
Behind the cutCollapse )


Merry Christmas!!

I like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!
Specially, everyone on my friendslist. ^_^

Happy Holidays!


Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving all! *hugs*

It is nice to be posting again. ^_^ I do miss everyone!

I spent my day sleeping alot, because I could! lols! Trying to restore my energy for the big day at work on Friday. Working retail, I planning on a 10 hour day with a 30 minute meal break. And tons of customers to deal with and pickup after. lols! I did all my shopping on Wednesday cause the poor employees are not allowed to hold Door Busters to buy on Friday. So I didn't get the price, but I still got the items I wanted for a good price and that is the main thing. I might see what is left after my shift, to see what else I could get, as employees get the bonus prices all day (IF there is anything left). This is what I will feel like at the end of the day: *a pumpkin* Photobucket

Not wanting to cook today, we made reservations and went out to a nice local restaurant and had an all you can eat Thanksgiving day meal! *hungry!* Turkey, sweet potatoes mixed with apples, bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries. Yum! And to top it all off pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Boy, was I stuffed! It was all so good! I had seconds on the turkey, mashed potatoes, and bean casserole. ^___^

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